Sunday, June 27, 2010


After that long night at work I tried to get up early the next day and catch the stage going over one of the two climbs on the run in to Santa Rosa but slept my ass in and wound up having to decide mid drive out there to abandon that plan and just head to the finish.
An old friends handiwork spotted on the way to my car. Gotta love the architecture.

Driving along the side of Golden Gate Park on my way out to the bridge.


Heading north.
Oh yeah, it was raining, hard.

Rain means traffic.

Traffic means time to take scenic pictures out your window. This part of California means wine.

Ok, made it to Santa Rosa and found a parking spot. Next thing to do was find a spot to take some pictures from.

This is the first spot I found. I liked it but shooting from here would mean shooting with no protection from the rain.

This spot would've kept me dry but there were a ton of people down here and I kinda wanted to be somewhere where I would get a little more unique view.

After a little more walking around it was back to spot one just in time for the leaders arrival.

Pretty sure this was Jens Voigt on the front working for JJ Haedo.

Stage winner Brett Lancaster tucked in behind Chris Horner in what looks like fifth position.

Unfortunately I wasn't right over the riders. There was a dude that was hanging out at the spot before I got there and he clearly knew what he was doing. Jerk wasn't even taking pictures though.

Not long after the first group came through these guys made it in. I guess there was a bunch of crashes on the descents of the two climbs that really broke it up.


Levi and Lance not wasting anytime riding the opposite way through the course getting to the bus.

Horner and maybe, Brajkovic? I can't remember who was all on Radioshack and I'm too lazy to look it up right now.

After the first couple groups went through the dude that was taking up the good spot on the overpass left and I swooped. Photographic proof.

Boonen always chattin with someone.

Cav in the back, second from right about to lose his yellow jersey.


I hate these fucking VIP tents that run along the side of the course for the last couple hundred meters. They block any chance you would get at seeing the most exciting part of a bunch finish and they're usually full of a bunch of assholes that know dick about cycling. Am I jealous or genuinely pissed?

Those reflective white dots must be good for a wet sprint finish.

Can't remember who this is explaining to said assholes in the Rabobank tent just how much fun that days stage was. Wait, does that make me one those assholes who doesn't know dick about cycling because I don't recognize who this dude is?

Wait, there's Lars Boom. Total redemption!

Maybe the dumbest self-portrait I've ever taken.

Cruised around the tents for a while waiting for the traffic to settle down before I left town and saw some of this crap. One of the Pistolero's rigs.


Cancellara's bike from last years tour. I saw him ride this bad boy up Arcalis wearing the jersey for the last time. I inspected it thoroughly and saw no evidence of a motor. No I didn't, this was before any of that bullshit.

I would kill for this bike.

Mike Giant's Bahati bike.

Maybe not kill, but seriously injure.

I love sidecars. I love jelly bellys.

After all that fun it was time to get back to the city. But, not before a little more traffic.
It cleared up after a bit though and it was a straight shot back home.